Barbara Truzzi: Bio


Barbara O'Neil

Barbara O'Neil (born Barbara Truzzi). Singer, composer, musician, painter, vocal coach and writer. She studied Utility Music and Multimedia Music at the Martini Music Academy in Bologna and musical composition at the Carpi Tonelli Music Institute. She attended short courses at an advanced level in the field of Jazz (singing, composition and piano) as well as opera-singing at the New World School of the Arts in Miami. At the moment, she’s studying drums at the Bologna Academy of Modern Music.

She has twenty years experience in the field of music composition and singing, as well as in studio recording and live performance, ranging from pop to electronic music and from jazz to dance.

She worked with RADIO-LINE Ed. Musicali for over ten years as well as for a range of international artists including the artistic team and record label “Club Squisito” with whom she released ‘Mamayoma’: an album with strong electro-jazz overtones in which she is singer and co-writer of the music and lyrics. Thanks to Radio-Line she has released various singles and a solo album entitled ‘All My Life’.

In 2015 she completed COSMOS her first album to be made and produced single-handedly by herself. "What I am" is the first single.

Since June 2011, she has worked with WE BERRY as a music composer for advertisements and documentaries.


She has taken part in numerous CDs in a variety of roles: sometimes as a singer, other times as arranger or composer. These include:

- Your Loving Arms - artist: Cristian Marchi feat. Barbara O'Neil - 2017 (Time Records)
-  What I Am – artist: Barbara O'Neil – 2016 (Barbara O'Neil)
-  I’m flying – artist: Club Squisito feat. Barbara O’Neil (BA's Flying High mix) – 2011 (Radio-Line Ed. Mus)
-  Shabadà rmx – artist: Club Squisito rmx (Barbara O’Neil) – 2011 (Radio-Line Ed. Mus)
-  Welcome to the Club 2005-2010 – artista: Club Squisito – 2010 (Radio-Line Ed. Mus)
-  B-My self – artist: Maison Burlesque – 2010 (Radio-Line Ed. Mus)
-  Baby trip – artist: Club Squisito feat. Barbara O’Neil – 2010 (Radio-Line Ed. Mus)
-  Moonwalker – artist: Club Squisito feat. Odyze – 2010 (Radio-Line Ed. Mus)
-  Mamayoma – artist: Club Squisito feat. O'Neil with Three Lower Colors – 2009 (Radio-Line Ed. Mus)
-  Klepto – artist: Club Squisito feat. Castè – 2008 (Radio-Line Ed. Mus)
-  Naked - artist: Club Squisito feat. Zhana – 2007 (Radio-Line Ed. Mus)
-  Miss you – artist: Club Squisito – 2006 (Radio-Line Ed. Mus)
-  Menu (Let Me Love You) – artista Club Squisito – 2005 (Radio-Line Ed. Mus)
-  Se penso a lei – artist Dajana – 2009
-  Dancing All Alone remix - artist: Barbara O'Neil - 2005 (Radio-Line Ed. Mus)
-  All my life – artist: Barbara O’Neil – 2004 (Radio-Line Ed. Mus)

Her work has contributed to several compilations that include:

-  CloSquisito – tiratura limitata privata – artisti: Club Squisito e Barbara O’Neil
-  Styled in Italy – vol 2 – con la canzone All My Life
-  House Club selection 24 – con il remix di Let me love you
-  My house vol. 5 – con il remix di Let me Love you
-  Hit-Trax – USA – con il remix della canzone Dancing all alone
-  Cd Pool – Radio May 2005 – Con il remix di Dancing al alone

Advertisements and soundtrack:

-  Daila ant the egg (Beauty from the unreleased album Cosmos) – 2016 – Book teaser at The London Book Fair
-  FitFying – 2015 – Advertisement
-  In viaggio nel sito dell’Unesco: da Ferrara, Città del Rinascimento – 2012 – Documentario
-  Sofa soft – 2012 – Advertisement